Storytelling File

This blog is a “future file” of stories I’m interested in as a storyteller, ranging from folklore to more recent literary tales. The file includes source notes, cultural origins, potential audience notes, and ideas for adaptation and was originally created for a Storytelling class.

Bibliographic History

This website is a bibliographic history of the Caldecott Award-winning picture book Sam, Bangs and Moonshine by Evaline Ness, created for a class in History of Children’s Literature. The site include a biography of Ness, publication details, critical reception, and a brief evaluative essay.

Youth Services Librarianship Wiki

This wiki is an ongoing collaborative effort for youth services-focused classes at GSLIS. For my Youth Services Librarianship class, I contributed to or created pages on GLBTQ Youth, Non-native Speakers of English, and Multicultural Literature and Resources.

Question Board

Question Board, affectionately known as QB, is an anonymous—and often humorous—question and answer service and podcast at the Undergraduate Library, managed by the graduate assistants. QB questions that I have answered include:

Annotated Bibliographies

At the Center for Children’s Books, a regular project for staff and volunteers is to compile annotated bibliographies of recommended books on particular topics. I edited all of the bibliographies during my time there, prepared them for the website, and provided consultation on some topics, but I also took the lead on preparing some of these bibliographies, usually in conjunction with outreach events, including:

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